Firstmerit Online Banking Login

Video demonstration and instructions regarding Firstmerit Online Banking Login:

1. Enter this onto your browser's URL:

2. Choose what transaction you will use on the Account Login scrollbar.

3. Enter your User Name in the text box.

4. Click Log In.

5. Follow onscreen instructions to finish login.



Can't log in? Follow these quick step by step instructions to be able to reset your credentials.

1. When you login and happen to find yourself in a page with 3 security questions, fill up the text fields provided.

Why did you end up answering security questions? It means that FirstMerit Online Banking was unable to identify the web browser you are using and their security policy requires you to answer three security questions when connecting from an unidentified web browser. Once you have completed the login process you will have the opportunity to register this web browser through a cookie or certificate.

2. Click Submit.

3. Follow the next onscreen intsructions to finish the login process.


Still not able to log in? Contact Firstmerit directly for your Firstmerit Online Banking Login concerns. They will surely be attentive to your inquiries.

Call them



Visit them

Bankers Available

Monday - Friday:  7 a.m.  – 10 p.m. (ET)

Saturday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (ET)

Sunday:  Closed


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